Increase profit by using Auto shop software

Time is money. This is the philosophy of business people who are focused and want to make more money effectively and efficiently. For auto repair business, the faster vehicles enter the shop and go, the more the profit for the shop. Nevertheless, whereas desiring cars to come and go swiftly does not imply vehicles should not get the best repair and inspection methods, shop owners must ensure that their desire for more profit match the quality of services they offer. Auto repair software offers the most effective means of inspecting motorcars to determine if the vehicle needs any repair and to what extent.

Origin of Tekmetric auto shop repair for digital vehicle inspection

Tekmetric technology was created by two experienced shop owners in the automotive industry who were looking for a better and effective shop management system. Chilukuri and Patel believed that a good shop management system was necessary for effective operations and increased profit without incurring much cost.

Reasons why you need to revolutionize your shop management system

Auto shop software for digital vehicle inspection provides a tool for digital vehicle inspection (DVI) that formulates estimates. With an internet connection in your tablet or mobile phone, you can access inventory and labor charges. The software gives the customer a degree of satisfaction because they can receive notifications of service record and labor charges. It also provides a tool for electronic communication and customers can understand the benefits of the repair and why the repair was done. by using the program, mechanics can send pictures or videos of the parts of the vehicle that are wrecked or worn out to the customer in their smartphones. This gives the service provider credibility.

Tekmetric software protect information of your business

Auto shop software has integrated security features such as data encryption technology that ensures that sensitive information of your customers, vehicles and the business are protected.

A tool for smooth management

It does not matter whether you own a single shop or multiple shops; you can regulate all of them from one place without spending much money. The software allows a paperless operation of the business and is suitable for many appointments for customers. The best part of using Tekmetric software is that you can also allow your employees to access the program to perform any task in the right manner and with minimal time. Auto shop software can also multitask by integrating record management and client service to one, enabling it to cater for customer needs with ease and efficiently while maximizing profit.

It’s free for trial and demonstration

Any shop owner usually is reluctant to integrate new management system for fear of reducing profit and using much time when offering services to customers. Tekmetic auto shop software for digital vehicle inspection provides clients with a free trial without any commitment. This will help you to test if the program satisfies your business needs.

Make your services better

Many times mechanics try to repair engines of a vehicle only to end up completely damaging it. Such scenarios make the business to spend more money which can result in losses instead of profits. The tekmetric program helps you to develop and improve the quality of your job by linking best mechanic with the available job that suits their skills.

We can see the benefits of the Tekmetric digital vehicle inspection program exceed the obvious anticipations of any auto shop owner. Therefore any garage owners who wish to revolutionize and increase the efficiency of their business need to go for tekmetric. It allows you and your employees to focus on the things that can make the business succeed and avoid unnecessary tasks.

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