Google Quality Score: Learn To Know More

You have been working hard to get in line with the Google Quality Score. There are so many promising factors to consider in this regard, with one being the quality of landing page. It forms a major factor in the calculations. Whenever you are planning to submit new ad to AdWords program, you get the chance to review it manually at which point the entire quality of page will be given the point based on the advertisement routines. What you have learned from Panda and other algorithm will clearly prove it that it is safe to assume that Google helps in adding premium on some high quality landing pages verses those thin affiliate sites or even the scam pages.

Going for keyword relevance:

You have the quality score from Google talking about keyword relevance into consideration while planning to determine how ads are to be allowed to rank. For example, let’s just say you have ad that redirects to page on recommended dog training product. An ad depending on the recommended dog training items will easily and quite naturally led to the higher quality score than the one which targeted keyword phrases like beagle puppies. Even though bot keywords are related to dogs, the primary one fits better as it is written well and in details.

Simple way of calculating:

The way in which the quality core has been calculated in display network is quite simple as per the guidelines presented by will talk about the past performance of the advertisement on this and some of the similar sites. Moreover, here, you will come to learn more about the relevancy of ads and the keywords in the ad groups to the site. Furthermore, you will come to learn more about the quality of landing page along with some of the other relevance factors in touch over here.

Reported on scales:

The quality scores are mainly reported on a scale right from 1 to 10 and that will play major role in how much you might have to pay for click when compared to some of the other advertisers competing for same keyword phrase. It will also talk about the place where the ads will be ranked in sponsored search results. To find out more about the used keywords and their quality scores, you have to log into AdWords account and then start navigating to keyword display panel for each one of the active ad groups of chosen campaign.

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